About Me

Jennifer Maharajh

I imagine life just the way it is. I create the outcome of my life by believing in me. I live my life with confidence and positive thoughts. This is how I write.

Writing is my therapeutic passion. I am so grateful to create, and bring to life my thoughts, imagination and beliefs. Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a young age has brought me a handful of challenges, as well as the opportunity to embrace life and accept with open arms, everything I encounter. The roadblocks that I’ve come across, has prepared me to truly experience the unexpected. I look at my two beautiful daughters and decide the fight in me would always overcome the fright. I have made up my mind that Parkinson’s is not who I am, or what will become of my legacy. Writing has become my will to heal in all aspects. My positive mindset and determination to live a full life, will shine through my books. I believe teaching children of all ages, the values of gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, love and joy, is integral to their growth and development. 

During this health journey, I’ve also become a health and wellness coach and owner of SimplyHealthy & Organic, which encourages an integrated approach to healing from the inside out. We provide health education and awareness about diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, vitamins and supplements, and encourage positive lifestyle habits.

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